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Being the creation of the Ford Corporations, it really deserves to have the Ford name. A quick scan around the web will show that there are a ton of modification options available for the Ranger to ‘make a good thing even better’. 4x4AT are the UK's Ford Ranger accessories and hard top canopy experts. Talk to a variety of different workshops that actually perform work on Rangers rather than buying off an online parts store that in some instances will just sell, and rave about, whatever is in stock. Statistics. This car features everything that the Ford is famous for. Bushwacker Ultimate Bed Caps & Tailgate Caps, AutoVentshade Ventvisor Window Deflectors, Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers & Struts, AutoVentshade Bugflector II Bug & Stone Deflector. We stock popular brands of soft tonneaus - like TonnoPro - as well as top notch hard tonneaus, like those made by BAKFlip. Free Shipping on the Top 10 Best Ford Ranger Accessories, Mods & Upgrades of 2021 at Sure, there’s plenty more you can do with the Ranger’s 3.2L engine but our list will hopefully get you started on the right track. On the Ranger it’s fairly small and with fragile plastic end tanks; there have been numerous cases of Ranger intercoolers failing over the years on otherwise standard vehicles. Ford Ranger 3.2 Tuning and Remapping - Ranger Performance Tuning . Things to look for with a catch can are the presence of an internal filter arrangement that is replaceable (or cleanable) over time, and general overall quality. Can new 7-seat Grand Cherokee save Jeep in Oz? There are several models of cold air intakes available for the Ford Ranger 4.0L X. 800-663-1570. With a little modding, the 2019 Ford Ranger can go from eye-catching to insanely awesome for any truck enthusiast looking to make a statement. No cleaners/preservatives with Petroleum or Silicone. No surprise then the engine and its inherent solid performance is one of the key reasons for the Ranger’s runaway sales success. In 1995, the Ford Explorer switched from a rear drum to a … 28 W. Nebraska St. Ford Ranger Performance Upgrades The Ford Ranger is one of the most popular 4x4 diesel utes on the market, with a slew of performance accessories available, you can improve your Ford Ranger how you desire. But ECU programming can get confusing. for professional advice on all our products. 2021 Dakar Stage 6: Peterhansel and Price out in front. Just because Ford has ceased production of the Ranger doesn't mean your truck isn't deserving of some awesome interior and exterior accessories. m-15200k-r. msrp $910.00 ford performance license plate frame-black stainless steel. Use the list below to find custom parts and aftermarket accessories, and outfit your pickup with the kind of upgrades and additions a vehicle with a legacy like the Ford Ranger deserves. Received the cover quickly. We always have great deals on Ford Ranger bed caps from the likes of Bushwacker and Wade. Advertisements, testimonials, and general hype can overlook the basics you need to stick to with your Ranger. Evened front edge with the front of the bed, snugged the screws and then unfolded to the tailgate. As long as your vehicle has been modified with a part that’s fit for purpose and meets relevant Australian Design Rules or Australian Standards then your vehicle’s warranty won’t be void. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Also if you can make sure your intercooler kit comes with all new piping and high quality clamps. Browse online or call 800-663-1570 today. Where an upgraded exhaust comes into its own on the Ranger is with a much improved exhaust note. So how often do you need to service your ‘performance-upped’ Ranger? To get the best out of an upgraded turbocharger you will need ECU tuning to suit. If you're regularly hauling heavy cargo, you'll definitely want to check out our Ranger bed mats. 0 items - £0.00 view basket. When you have the ECU tuned to match then you should expect an extra 20 – 30Nm higher in the rev range, and up to another 20kW on top of what you already have. You shouldn’t need to make any special considerations providing your vehicle isn’t operating under extreme conditions outside of those the manufacturer had in mind when setting the service intervals. Don’t believe claims of up to 20% power gains just from changing the intercooler as it simply doesn’t work that way. You should also make clear your list of modifications to your chosen service centre. There are tons of different types of catch can out there. Don’t be. The after results of modifications are immense and enough to make any petrolhead excited. The piping is another weakness of the Ranger’s factory setup and if you address it at the same time as you upgrade the intercooler performance when the thing is being driven in anger will be improved or, rather, maintained. Sort of. Free Shipping! The reality is that with normal use you can follow normal service guidelines. The Duratorq Diesel 3.2-litre five-cylinder found in the PX generation Ford Ranger has developed a reputation for being a tough nugget in the field and achieved this across a six-year model run. We also have plenty of options for protecting and stylizing your Ranger's bed, too. My account sign in register. These must-have accessories will keep your truck bed safe from scratches and marring, forever preserving your paint. Last visit was: Thu Jan 07, 2021 5:31 pm Most users ever online was 238 on Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:32 pm Total posts 15279 • Total topics … The Ford Ranger is a great muscle car to upgrade. For instance, Ford Ranger all-weather floor mats are a great way to protect your carpet from mud and dirt. A properly designed Ranger intercooler system will not add a great deal of power or torque to the 3.2L, but what it will do is keep peak power and torque available under extreme conditions. Our best advice with any performance modified 4X4 is to stick to the lower side of the service schedule. Simply tell us your Connect ID when speaking with one of our Fortunately, the truth is the latter. The compact pickup concept exploded in popularity on the American scene thanks in large part to this handy truck, and the market won't be the same without it. Power and torque gains like this, at the wheels, will have a huge impact on the way your Ranger performs and, when carried out correctly, will not change the reliability of the vehicle to the downside. AAG also has a stellar selection of Ford Ranger tonneau covers. A few guys at work have commented on how good it looks. One example is model 54-10551 from aFe Power. Aftermarket upgrades, styling and more. Ford Ranger 3.2 tuning from Paramount Performance, The 3.2 Ford Ranger engine is a bit of a beast, but what can be better than a beast with upgraded power and performance.. Once tuned the 3.2 Ford Ranger quite literally pulls like a train, great fun and much more driveable. With that in mind let’s answer the question in every owner’s mind, ‘What are the top 5 performance tips for my 3.2?’. Ford is offering a series of tiered performance upgrades for its 2021 Ranger pickup, including one that increases the truck's horsepower by 16%. Good product that works will normally make itself known by high quality fittings and properly moulded hoses. As you're probably well aware, tonneau covers are great for keeping your bed contents safe from prying eyes, all while adding an unbeatable finished look to the back of your truck. Browse through a range of accessories such as wheels, tyres, lift kits, bumper bars, cosmetic trims, tailgate assist, flares, and loads more. Be prepared to check the level of your catch can every few thousand kilometres and drain accordingly so that it doesn’t over-fill. Depending on who you talk to, modifying your vehicle will either void your vehicle’s factory warranty and insurance immediately or not. Powered by ClickClickMedia, FOR MORE 4X4 & RV INFO, VISIT SOME OF OUR OTHER WEBSITES. Power and torque gains like this, at the wheels, will have a huge impact on the way your Ranger performs and, when carried out correctly, will not change the reliability of the vehicle to the downside. Among the most popular modifications for the Ford Ranger is fitting a brand-new set of wheels. … Checked alignment and then refolded, tightened screws unfolded and adjusted the flip levers. IL Be it towing the caravan or getting up to the axles in mud out on the track, who could argue with better fuel economy and more power for the job? Although aftermarket wheels will invariably look much better than OEMs, it’s not just about the aesthetics. Upgraded intercoolers are designed to reject heat better through their core design, and to reduce pressure loss during the cooling process. Just bolted into place with no fuelling or commanded boost increases you will only see factory level power from an upgraded turbo. As a 100% Australian owned business based in Perth we know exactly what your Ford Ranger can be up against, which is why we stock only high quality Ford Ranger parts. Buy your Ford Ranger accessories today at AutoCraze … Budget this kind of spend to have your Ranger tuned properly, have it done on a dyno, and you really can’t go wrong. Upgraded turbochargers on the Ranger are more often a matter of need than want. Done and in my opinion, looks great and the ability to fold in sections to use the bed plus ease of removal/installation is better than the full hard cover, in my opinion. Our most popular upgrades for the Ford Ranger include our Smoked LED Taillightsand Clear LED Taillights sets, both designed to fit all Ford Rangers made from 2012 onwards. Aug 25, 2019 - Explore Lpichiche's board "Ford ranger mods" on Pinterest. The best thing to do is to look at companies that have a proven testing schedule for their product and supply actual real-world data. Even with the later DPF equipped PX2 there really isn’t a lot in changing exhaust systems in pure technical terms other than dropping the EGT readings slightly under some conditions. Comfort, efficiency and safety – these are three main credos of the Ford Ranger. It’s not unusual to hear stories of tuners pumping too much boost into the PX2 resulting in a turbo that first turns noisy (sounds a bit like a police siren) then eventually fails altogether. ⠀ Watch Old And New Ford F-150 Raptor Drag Race Ranger Raptor But that's not all. And it can be worth checking out forums to see what results other Ranger owners have had. Including pickup tops, mountain tops and bedliners. Some work really well, and others barely work at all. According to aFe, this model intake can increase horsepower by up to 15. Discover a wide range of Ford Ranger accessories here at AutoCraze. No matter who you insure your vehicle with, make sure you let them know of any modification made to your vehicle. If it recommends an oil change every 7000km or so then make sure that’s what you do. Start with the engine management system, we say. In fact, it really doesn’t matter which of the different 4X4 pickups/utes we are talking about, getting the ECU programming right is the biggest single thing you can do to improve the engine’s performance. Here is a list of some of the best Ranger modifications. If you own a Ford Ranger, you know exactly how convenient and durable it is, so treat it right. Combine these mats with some Ford Ranger seat covers and you'll enjoy complete interior protection.

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